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At Amsterdam Skin Clinic (ASC), we take pride in our dedicated and experienced team of doctors and skin therapists. Our doctors possess extensive medical knowledge and years of experience in the cosmetic and medical sectors. They understand that your well-being and beauty are of the utmost importance and strive for the best possible results.

Our skin therapist is an expert in skincare and is passionate about enhancing the health and radiance of your skin. She provides personalized advice and treatments tailored to your unique needs.

At ASC, our expert doctors and skin therapist combine their knowledge and skills to provide you with the highest quality of care and aesthetic treatments. You can trust that you are in good hands, and we are committed to your satisfaction and confidence.

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I got my lips done, and they turned out beautifully. Nice and full with a beautiful shape, just as I wanted.


First-time dermapen treatment, extremely satisfied with a clear difference after just one session! I can’t wait for the next treatment!


Amsterdam Skin Clinic is a cosmetic clinic, specializing in services like fillers, located in Amsterdam. A filler is a gel based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance. The gel is used to fill something. But also to provide extra volume. The filler can be injected in various areas of the face. For the treatment, we use a thin injection needle or a cannula. This depends on where the doctor places the filler. Fillers are suitable for enlarging or firming the lips. It is also used for corrections to the shape of the nose, cheekbones, temples, and jawline. It also works well to combat a tired appearance.

Our filler treatments

What can you expect from a treatment?

The doctor first carefully examines your face. he bones, muscles, and veins are located before the treatment takes place. This allows the doctor to work safely. Depending on the treatment, the doctor applies a numbing cream to the skin. Thanks to this cream, you’ll experience little to no pain. Afterwards, the doctor injects the filler beneath the skin using a thin needle. The filler is then massaged to ensure it’s in the right place. Our filler contains a substance with a numbing effect. This makes the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Our doctors listen carefully to your wishes. Subsequently, you receive honest advice on which treatment suits you best. We always recommend a treatment that preserves your natural beauty. After the numbing, the gel is injected under the skin. This causes swelling in some areas of the face. This is normal and varies from person to person. The most significant swelling subsides within a few days and is completely gone after 2 weeks. After this, you can fully enjoy the benefits of your treatment.

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