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Tattoos are often a personal form of expression. However, there may be times when people choose to have their tattoo removed for various reasons. Modern technology, such as the N-YAG laser, provides a powerful and popular method for tattoo removal. Amsterdam Skin Clinic offers safe and effective tattoo removal treatments in the center of Amsterdam.

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The Treatment The N-YAG laser (Neodymium-Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) is specifically designed for tattoo removal. We explain in steps how the tattoo is removed: Selective Absorption: The laser emits light pulses with a specific wavelength that ink particles in the tattoo absorb without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Ink Heating: The ink particles absorb the energy and heat up. Ink Fragmentation: The heating causes fragmentation of the ink particles. Body Clearance: The immune system clears up the ink fragments, usually weeks to months after the treatment.

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I had lip filler, it looks really great. Nice full and great shape, exactly how I wanted it it to be.


Had my first dermapen treatment, extremely satisfied, already a clear difference after just one treatment! I can’t wait for the next treatment!

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