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Amsterdam Skin Clinic offers various cosmetic treatments, including Botox. Botox is a temporary muscle relaxant that is effective in reducing wrinkles. During the treatment, Botox is injected under the skin with a fine needle, leading to muscle relaxation and reduced muscle activity after approximately 2 weeks. This results in a reduction or even disappearance of fine lines and a smoother skin. Botox is completely broken down by the body, and the effects wear off after a few months. If desired, the treatment can be repeated. Additionally, Botox blocks the action of nerves on sweat glands, resulting in reduced perspiration.

  • No wrinkles
  • Natural effect
  • Almost painless

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What can you expect from a treatment?

After the treatment, small bumps may appear at the injection sites where the Botox has been injected. These bumps will diminish almost immediately and completely disappear within 1-2 days. The injection site may also be slightly sensitive. The effect starts becoming visible after 7 days, and after 2 weeks, the Botox is fully absorbed, revealing the final result. The effects typically last for about 3 months, after which we recommend scheduling a follow-up appointment.

  • 1
    Discussing your wishes
  • 2
    Honest advice
  • 3
    Making facial expressions to delineate muscle
  • 4
    Administering Botox


I had lip filler, it looks really great. Nice volume and great shape, exactly how I wanted it to be!


Had my first dermapen treatment, extremely satisfied, already a clear difference after just one treatment! I can’t wait for the next treatment!

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