Dr. Sameer Rana

Dr. Sameer Rana completed his studies in Biomedical Sciences and Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. Subsequently, he conducted his doctoral research at Amsterdam UMC location AMC and at UC San Francisco (USA) and completed a fellowship at Stanford University (USA), with a focus on stem cell biology, regeneration, and molecular therapies. He gained clinical experience in surgery and orthopedics and conducted clinical trials related to injectables in arthritis and pain treatments (orthobiologics such as PRP, BMAC, MFAT). He is internationally trained in countries such as the United States, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates.

He specializes in skin improvement technologies using injectables, lasers, as well as autologous fat transplants and surgical procedures. He is certified in Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery, awarded by the American Academy of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, among other qualifications. He regularly pursues further education and stays updated on the latest treatment methods by participating in courses and conferences.

Dr. Sameer Rana values open and honest communication and takes into consideration the patient’s desires and expectations to achieve the best possible results.
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